Amelia Presley Tells Story Behind "Harm Nobody Else" on The Country Network

❥❥ ➳ Texas Music Artist Happy Hour MusicThon on The Country Network ➳ 5/15/20 ➳ ❥❥ 

May 18, 2020, Amelia Presley shared her TCN performance on social media with this explanation; "I don't think I have ever felt more physically anxious in my entire life. It's strange how when walls are let down, real emotions start to show up. They aren't always pleasant in the moment, but I am so grateful for them. As soon as I knew that I would be playing a set on this broadcast, I reached out to Smith Music Group to see if they could have "Harm Nobody Else" available for pre-save on the same day. Then, it was set in stone and I couldn't back out of talking about this song on such a huge network. I knew I would be too nervous to thank everyone involved or say exactly what I wanted to say, so I made notes. As silly as it may seem to read notes on a live broadcast, I felt it was more important to say exactly what I wanted to say. I was so anxious up to the very second I walked off set. I even tried to talk myself out of talking about this song, because the mood was light and it was the perfect excuse to keep it that way. I was battling with myself as I tried to play the first song, "Yote", and I ended up forgetting the lyrics. All I could do was think about "Harm Nobody Else" and how terrified I was to talk about it. So, I stopped playing "Yote", and just told my story about "Harm Nobody Else". To my surprise, more good came out of that than if I would have done everything perfect. I'm so thankful to The Country Network, the other artists, and the sponsors of this event for having me, and for being such genuinely good people."  She continued, "'Harm Nobody Else” is the most important thing I believe I will ever release for my own healing. Eric McKinney brought this song to life at Wonderland Studios in Austin, Texas. He also played most of the instruments on it, and full produced it. Miriam McKinney played some of the percussion, and Taylor Long played lead guitar. Smith Music Group worked hard to make sure this song would be available for pre-order and pre-save today, and my publicist, Brandy Reed, took the time to talk to me about what this song means to me for 2 hours the very first time we ever spoke.  

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