"Harm Nobody Else" to Release July 30, 2020

❥ “Harm Nobody Else” releases everywhere on 7/30, but you can preorder it this Friday! ➳ Prior to accepting my truth as part of me, I thought that singing a redemption song aimed at my abuser without revealing it was in my own voice would be enough. It wasn’t. I was still hiding the truth from myself, and everyone else by detaching myself from my own experience. It wasn’t until recently that I realized I was hiding the full truth because I felt ashamed. I wasn’t helping anyone else or even myself by owning my abuser’s secret. All I was doing was settling for the non-truth that victims and survivors should be ashamed. It’s ironic that the chorus of “Harm Nobody Else” begins with the lyrics; “I’m done”. When I wrote that line on July 11, 2018; I wasn’t done. I was still hiding her secret. On November 27, 2019; I was DONE. This is not MY secret. This is not MY shame. The secret and shame belong to the woman who forced me to legally become her child by making it clear to me that if I prevented her from doing so by telling the truth to the court, I’d regret it. I am dedicated to documenting my healing process in sequence, so that others may feel empowered to do the same. My message to anyone who’s been through any type of abuse is this; You didn’t ask for the cards you were dealt. It’s time to pass them back to the dealer. Your abuser will more than likely never accept the blame, but that does not mean that you have to hold onto it. The blame is not YOURS. The shame is not YOURS. THIS IS NOT YOUR SECRET. ❥ I’ll talk a bit more about this song and the amazing folks who helped make it happen on Friday when I’m live on The Country Network. ❥ #HarmNobodyElse #StopChildAbuse #NotYourSecret #NotYourShame #StopAbuse

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