WHITL Woodworking Creates Amelia Presley Jewelry Collection

WHITL Woodworking in Abilene, Texas has partnered with Amelia Presley to create a collection that is reflective of the Texas artist's style.  WHITL Woodworking was born when the company's founder's realized a need for light-weight earrings.  The styles are bohemian, Texas-made, and eco-friendly.  At the top of WHITL's website's page for the Amelia Presley Collection, it reads, "WHITL has partnered with Amelia Presley to curate a look that is southern, sophisticated, and unique just like her. Take a look into her eclectic style."  Presley is also featured on the homepage with the phrase, "Wear the style of an eclectic, Texas music icon." 

Shop the Amelia Presley Collection by WHITL Woodworking here: https://www.whitlwoodworking.com/product-category/amelia-presley-collection/

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