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With a bluesy and soulful sound armed with extraordinarily detailed lyrics sharpened for accuracy, make no mistake this is the sound of a phoenix rising, breaking its chains and shedding its shackles along the way.” - Ken Churilla

American Songwriter

Born in Alabama and raised in Mississippi, Presley’s southern roots can be heard in her emotion-filled vocals that range from raspy to sweet. She’s grit and grace — a fierce storyteller draped in turquoise, armed with a six-string and her own authentic truth.” - Kalene McCort

Loveland Reporter-Herald/Boulder Daily Camera

Amelia Presley is a talent to be recognized and reckoned with. Her voice is so unmistakable, and her writing skills set her songs apart from the crowd. I feel like ‘Harm Nobody Else’ will be a great anthem for radio play. I was happy to play her tunes on the Homegrown Country show on K99 Biloxi, and had the chance to get to know her at the MS Songwriters Festival.” - Sherri Marengo

— 99.1FM K99 Country, Biloxi, MS

Amelia Presley is not your average country music singer. Raised on rough Mississippi dirt, Presley has built herself an empire with her own two hands using grit and determination to achieve her dream of becoming a professional singer. ” - Jamie Tjornehoj

Country Evolution

The phrase that comes to mind when talking about Amelia Presley is ‘she’s as country as cornbread!’ Vocally and lyrically she sings from the heart with a beautiful southern draw. The first time I played ‘Harm Nobody Else’ on the radio people were calling and texting me asking ‘who is this and where can I find this song?’ ‘Harm Nobody Else’ is a strong and passionate song. I’m so proud of Amelia and excited for her future. She’s gonna need some shades cause it’s lookin’ bright! Remember the name, she’s here to stay!” - Ben Ryan

— 95.9FM The Ranch, Fort Worth, TX


When you hear Amelia Presley sing, it is impossible not to hear pangs of profound sorrow wrapped in a soulful voice fraught with struggle and deeply buried secrets.  It’s a burned up and scarred over foundation from which her songs have been harvested, and she a phoenix born of the very flames that have tried to consume her completely.  Through her newly acquired liberation from her own emotional self-imprisonment, she aims only to set the record straight with the release of her new single “Harm Nobody Else,” and in so doing, act as key- bearer to others who find themselves in that same kind of bondage. Amelia Presley doesn’t want pity.  She only wants you to listen.     


“Harm Nobody Else” took only minutes to write, but was over 25 years in the making.  Physical abuse is often that way, something that is kept in the shadows out of shame until one tear drop too many falls and forces the flood gates to open. From the age of 3 years old to the age of 15, Amelia silently bore the crushing blows of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her step mother.  Keeping silent seemed her only recourse; early on because the 3-year-old toddler did not have the emotional capacity to understand what was happening nor the words to cry for help, years afterwards because by then it was just a fact of life…normal.  Through her young adulthood Amelia moved on and away from the Mississippi mud she grew up in and went on to achieve several cherished titles: singer, songwriter, 5-year military veteran and mother.  All of these hard won and precious accomplishments could not clear a place for her broken soul to rest because unhealed wounds only fester. So, she decided it was time to lance the wound and let the poison out.  The release of “Harm Nobody Else” comes on the heels of a podcast called “The Insignificant Diary of a Burden Named Phoenix” in which Amelia tells for the first time the story of the 13 years of abuse she endured.  With this declaration she hopes to help other survivors validate their own feelings by facing them head on rather than living under the burden of their abuser’s secret. 


For Amelia Presley, as with many people, music is often times a safety net 100 feet below the tightrope.  She always wrote songs, even as a child when she had to keep them hidden in her mind,tucked away like her many other secrets.  In a clamorous need to fund her music career with very limited life options to do that, Amelia enlisted into the US Coast Guard at the age of 21 where she spent 5 years as a machinery technician.  The selling of her horse and trailer and an overnight trip down to Nashville resulted in her first studio session, and soon after, live performances on stage. In the following years she recorded and released a handful of singles including “Get Lucky” that was featured on iTunes New Artist Spotlight and iTunes Hot Tracks under the country music genre, one EP and a full length album called “No Pony Ride.” In 2015 she embarked on her first legitimate tour alongside Ronnie McDowell, Logan Brill, Amber Hayes, Farewell Angelina and Megan Moreaux. Her absolute love for performing has led to several coveted appearances including the CMA Music Festival and The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN.  It also led to the teaming up with KK Bodiford in 2017 to form the Highway Sisters, a duo of Texas sirens that is still alive and well today.


“Harm Nobody Else” released on July 30th through Smith Music Group.  It is a standalone single release because it has to be.  It’s a compelling message with a duty so enormous that it requires a wide birth in which to travel. The music video for “Harm Nobody Else” will be released later in August.  Keeping in sync with the rawness and the isolation of such a memoir, Amelia confronted her fears by going back to the childhood home where it all happened, and filmed the video completely alone, save for her young daughter who portrays her.  “I don’t want to feel ashamed anymore.  I want to talk about it so other people feel they can talk about it too.  And now that I am, the world is a different color and I feel like I am in my own body for the first time.”  

Music Videos


Empty Case

Amelia Presley


Engineered, Mixed, Mastered: Direct Image Studio, Nashville, TN | Album Art: Amelia Presley

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Harm Nobody Else

Amelia Presley


Engineered, Mixed, Mastered: Wonderland Studios, Buda, TX | Album Art: Amelia Presley

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Get Lucky

Amelia Presley


Engineered, Mixed, Mastered: Direct Image Studio, Nashville, TN | Album Art: Amelia Presley

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  • 94.7 WAAK, Ringgold, GA - The Black Dog Morning Show with Tim Kelly
  • 97.3 WJSN - Jackson, KY ("Harm Nobody Else" Single)
  • 103.3 FM Eastern Shore Radio, Onley-Onancock, VA ("No Pony Ride" LP)
  • KHKX 99.1 FM, Odessa, TX (Highway Sisters)   
  • KFWR 95.9 FM, Fort Worth, TX (Highway Sisters  & "Harm Nobody Else")
  • KMDB Keller, TX
  • KOXE 101.3 FM, Brownwood, TX (Highway Sisters)   
  • KPUR 95.7FM, Amarillo, TX (Harm Nobody Else)
  • KRUN 1400 AM, Ballinger, TX   
  • KRVF 106.9 FM, Waxahachie, TX (Highway Sisters & Harm Nobody Else)  
  • KTEX 106.1 FM, Brenham, TX (Highway Sisters)   
  • KWVH 94.1 FM, Wimberley, TX (Highway Sisters & Harm Nobody Else)  
  • WILQ 105.1 FM, Williamsport, PA (Highway Sisters)   
  • WNBT 104.5 FM, Wellsboro, PA (Highway Sisters)  
  • KNAH 99.7 FM, Oklahoma City, OK (Highway Sisters)   
  • WCKK 96.7 FM, Walnut Grove, MS      
  • WKNN 99.1 FM, Biloxi, MS (Highway Sisters & Trouble)     
  • WUSM 88.5FM, Hattiesburg, MS (Drop the Hammer)
  • KZUM 89.3 FM, Lincoln, NE (Harm Nobody Else)
  • IMP Indie Country
  • Radio New Wheels - Gederland, Netherlands
  • Hillbilly Highway Radio, Milwaukee, OR (Harm Nobody Else)
  • WCR FM, Wolverhampton, Eng
  • Equinoxe FM Radio, Liège, Belgium


• Pro Country: "Amelia Presley Taps Into Vulnerable Side On Personal New Single Harm Nobody Else" 2020

• Americana Highways: Video Premiere: Amelia Presley "Harm Nobody Else" 2020

• The Women Of Country: "Amelia Presley Sends Message to Victims of Abuse in Her Song Harm Nobody Else" 2020

• Stillwater News Press: "Healing Words: Amelia Presley Brings Her Song Of Survival To Stillwater" 2020

• Loveland Reporter Herald: "Outlaw Country Powerhouse Amelia Presley Performing In Loveland Friday" 2020

• The Colorado Springs Gazette: "See Amelia Presley, A Powerful Singer And Survivor, In Manitou Springs" 2020

ACountry: "Discover Cool Music: Amelia Presley" 2020

• Country Evolution: "Shaping Society with her Soulful Voice, this is Amelia Presley" 2020

• Country Music Views: Amelia Presley Releases Powerful Song About Abuse 2020


• The Country Note: Amelia Presley: Song of Hope From a Survivor Sheds Inspiration and Light on the Dark Face of Abuse 2020


• Veteran and Company Brand Ambassador, Amelia Presley, Becomes Owner and Associate VP of Gunsmith Nation 2020

• Brownwood Bulletin 2019/2020

• Track Rambler (Highway Sisters) 2018

• Music Mecca (Highway Sisters) 2018

• Texas Local Live (Highway Sisters) 2018

• Northwest Herald 2016

• National Country Review 2015

TV Appearances




Toured With

  • Zach Romo at Texan Theater 2021
  • Mike Ryan at The Rusty Bucket 2020
  • Scott Hayley at EZraFest & Thirsty Armadillo 2020
  • Southern Brave at Six Springs Tavern, Old Texas Brewing & Albert Dancehall 2020
  • Chuck Briseno at Iron Monk, Midnight Rodeo & Backwater Jack's 2020
  • Tanner Sparks at The Hideout 2019 (Highway Sisters)
  • Cory Morrow at Rolling 7s 2019 (Highway Sisters)
  • Craig Campbell at Top Golf 2019 (Highway Sisters)
  • Gyth Rigdon at Offroad Music Fest 2019 (Highway Sisters)
  • Jamie Richards at The Hideout 2019
  • Bri Bagwell at Whiskey Business 2018 (Highway Sisters) 
  • Stoney Larue at Bono's 2018 (Highway Sisters)
  • Raelyn Nelson at Fitzgerald's 2018 (Highway Sisters)
  • Buddy Jewel at Laton Fair Grounds 2018 (Highway Sisters)
  • Brandon Rhyder at White Elephant Saloon 2018 (Highway Sisters)
  • Ashton Shepherd at The Grand Ole Opry 2017
  • Ronnie McDowell Tour 2015

National Anthem Performances


  • Live At Wonderland Studios (Live Album) 2021
  • Harm Nobody Else (Single) 2020
  • Draw You A Map - Chuck Briseno (Background Vocals) 2020
  • Empty Case (Single) 2020
  • Get Lucky (Single) 2016/2020
  • Live at the Rodeo Opry in Oklahoma City (Highway Sisters Live EP) 2019
  • Smoke & Mirrors (Highway Sisters 5 Song EP) 2018
  • Papa (Highway Sisters Single) 2018
  • Hard Headed Mama (Single) 2016
  • No Pony Ride (10 Song LP) 2013
  • Cowboys Like You (Acoustic Single) 2012
  • Southern Vacation (Acoustic Single) 2012
  • Silver Tongue (Single) 2011


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