Fan Girl Sessions in The Texas Tune Shed with Amelia Presley

❥ Welcome to #FanGirlSessions in the Texas Tune Shed with Amelia Presley. Many of the artists I’ll cover are friends of mine. Some of them are just artists that I support so awkwardly and often that they probably think I’m obsessed with them...If you’re watching this and you’re one of them...I’m not obsessed with YOU. I’m obsessed with your music, but also, I’m right outside your house. 😂 Today for the very first episode, I’m covering “Echoes” by my friend Asher Cataldo (we’re friends I swear). Tonight, be sure to watch me and so many of the artists I #FanGirl over live on The Country Network!

❥ Watch TCN's MusicThon here at 4pm CST tonight (5/15/20) ➳

➳ Asher Cataldo - "Echoes" Music Video:

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