GoFundMe Update - Truck Bed Camper for “Harm Nobody Else” Tour

I want to say thank you all from the bottom of my heart!  It may seem silly, but getting this camper shell truly has taken so much stress away from all the traveling.  I will post another update when I get the inside set up!  This is a godsend for the road, and will save me so much money and stress while touring to just have a place to sleep right there in my truck.  Thank you so so much to all who donated, sent encouragement, and shared! 

Very Special Thanks to: 
Stephanie Baker (My Mom ?) 
Cyndy Thompson 
Travis Johns 
Brandon Whipple (My Big Brother ?) 
Sabrina Clark Chandler 
Jimmy Presley (My Papa ?) 
Daniel Fridley  
Bob Simpson 
Thomas Sheehy 
Greg Moses 

This means the world to me, and I will do my very best to pass your kindness on with this tour.  ?

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