Indie on the Move Features Amelia Presley on Website Home Page

Indie on the Move featured Amelia Presley on the home page of their website, and also featured her testimonial about the site's services.  Indie on the Move provides resources such as venue information to touring bands.

"The amount of work put into this website is incredible. I cannot even accurately express into words how much time I have saved not only in booking shows, but in promotion as well. The price is reasonable and well worth every cent plus some. Minimal effort is far from what is compiled here. Contacting the right person is only the first step to booking a show. IOTM really could’ve stopped there, because just having that information is a HUGE help. They didn’t, though. They added tips on how to approach each individual talent buyer, which genres they’re looking for, venue capacity, literally everything needed. Quick Pitch is a very useful tool and saves a ton of time, but be sure to read IOTM’s recommendations on how to use this feature so that you’re sending a great pitch (just another way they went above and beyond). What blows my mind even further is that IOTM didn’t stop at venue talent buyer info. They took it a step further, and compiled contact information for press outlets and radio in every state so that you can promote your shows. I’m literally in awe. I first started using this site years ago when I didn’t truly understand the music business, and even then it was useful. Now, that I have a much better understanding of the music industry, I realize what a gold mine this site is. Indie On The Move is a one stop shop for independent touring musicians as well as beginners. If you would rather spend your time focusing on honing your art, and less time researching a ton of venues on google only to find “” instead of a booking email; then give this site a try!" Presley said of Indie on the Move.

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